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  • Penarth Tree Forum

    Wardeniaid Traeth Cyfeillion Coed Penarth... Mae'r dudalen hon yn cael ei hadeiladu ar hyn o bryd. Cliciwch os gwelwch yn ddayma i fynd at y wybodaeth wreiddiol Am y Grŵp Fforwm Coed Penarth Beth mae'r Grŵp yn ei Wneud Paragraff ydw i. Cliciwch yma i ychwanegu eich testun eich hun a golygu fi. Mae'n hawdd. SAM_7830 SAM_5968 TREES 1 SAM_7830 1/6 Gwirfoddolwyr Coed a Chydlynwyr Mae aelodau'r tîm hwn yn weithwyr tir hanfodol y grŵp. Gwirfoddolwyr ydyn nhw sydd wedi cymryd y cyfrifoldeb o ofalu'n uniongyrchol am y coed eu hunain, boed hynny'n rhai unigol o fewn lleoliad, neu gasgliad. Mae'r Gwirfoddolwyr Coed yn dyfrio, yn chwyn ac yn tomwellt o amgylch y coed yn monitro eu hiechyd ac yn tocio lle bo angen. Maent hefyd yn helpu i blannu coed newydd mewn lleoliadau addas. Mae’r Gwirfoddolwyr Coed yn cadw llygad ar goed o amgylch Penarth, gan gadw llygad am y rhai a allai fod angen rhywfaint o sylw gan y cyngor, neu sy’n ildio i glefyd neu bydredd. Ar ôl stormydd trwm a thywydd garw, maent yn cadw llygad am ddifrod y mae angen ei adrodd i'r VoGC (gweler isod am ddolen y gallwch ei defnyddio i adrodd hefyd). ​ TPO ac is-grŵp ceisiadau cynllunio gwaith coed (i’w ychwanegu’n fuan) Pam fod eu gwaith yn bwysig Paragraff ydw i. Cliciwch yma i ychwanegu eich testun eich hun a golygu fi. Mae'n hawdd. Ffurfio'r Grŵp Paragraff ydw i. Cliciwch yma i ychwanegu eich testun eich hun a golygu fi. Mae'n hawdd. Manylion Gweithredol Amseroedd a Lleoliadau Cyfarfodydd: Ar y cyfan nid oes gan y grŵp unrhyw ddiwrnodau, amseroedd neu leoliadau cyfarfod penodol, gan gynhyrchu partïon gwaith a chyflawni tasgau yn ôl yr angen. Gall aelodau unigol gyflawni eu tasgau yn ôl yr angen a phan fyddant ar gael. Mae aelodau hefyd yn cynorthwyo grwpiau PCS eraill gyda'u gwaith sy'n ymwneud â choed, a gallant hefyd helpu grwpiau nad ydynt yn ymwneud â PCS gyda thasgau a chyngor. Mae aelodau'n cyfarfod o leiaf unwaith y mis yn The Cosmeston Orchard i helpu i'w chynnal. Cadeirydd Presennol: ​ Sut i Ymuno: Cysylltwch â ni yn y cyfeiriad e-bost isod Sut i Gysylltu: ​ Dolenni Gwe Cysylltiedig Dolenni i'w hychwanegu Ar-lein a Chyfryngau Cymdeithasol Gallwch ddod o hyd i ragor o fanylion am y grŵp a’u gweithgareddau ar y gwefannau canlynol: Gwefan ei Hun: Amh Tudalen Facebook: (Cymdeithas Ddinesig Penarth) Grŵp Facebook: @penarthtreeforum (mae'r grŵp hwn yn agored i bawb, er y gellir safoni postiadau ac aelodau ar gyfer cynnwys nad yw'n gysylltiedig â'i fanyleb.) Instagram: Amh Twitter: Amh Arall: Amh PTF Events Educational Talk: Penarth Tree Forum - Annual Update Iau, 20 Meh St Augustine's Parish Hall 20 Meh 2024, 19:00 – 20:30 St Augustine's Parish Hall, Albert Rd, Penarth CF64, UK 20 Meh 2024, 19:00 – 20:30 St Augustine's Parish Hall, Albert Rd, Penarth CF64, UK Our Sub-Group The Penarth Tree Forum's annual update on their work and projects across the town. Buy Tickets Guided Educational Tour: Penarth's Trees - Penarth Tree Forum Sul, 28 Gorff Location is TBD 28 Gorff 2024, 14:00 – 16:00 Location is TBD 28 Gorff 2024, 14:00 – 16:00 Location is TBD Join the Penarth Tree Forum for their annual guided tour, showcasing Penarth's arboreal culture. MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW Buy Tickets Penarth Civic Society Exhibition Showcase Iau, 19 Medi Outside Cogan Primary School 19 Medi 2024, 19:00 – 21:00 Outside Cogan Primary School, Pill St, Penarth CF64 2JS, UK 19 Medi 2024, 19:00 – 21:00 Outside Cogan Primary School, Pill St, Penarth CF64 2JS, UK A walkthrough Exhibition. A Chance to view the archive materials, and find out more about us and our sub-groups. Also our projects (such as the Heritage Trail) TBC Open Event Details

  • ABOUT US | PenarthCivicSociety

    Y Pwyllgor ac Aelodau Allweddol Rydym yn croesawu aelodau newydd o’r pwyllgor ac yn chwilio’n frwd am: Is-Gadeirydd. Ysgrifennydd. Byddwn hefyd yn chwilio am unigolion awyddus i'n helpu ni i hidlo drwy archifau hanesyddol. Mwy o fanylion am hynny yn fuan. Os oes gennych ddiddordeb mewn helpu'r pwyllgor yna byddem wrth ein bodd yn clywed gennych! Diweddarwyd 06/12/22 Committee Anne Evans CHAIR OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Tree Forum Coordinator Anne joined the PCS committee such a long time ago that she can’t remember exactly when. She moved to the town over thirty years ago, seeing it as a good place to raise a family although she freely admits she’d never heard of it before moving here! ​ She took over the role of Vice Chair never imagining she would end up Chairing the Society (since the previous Chair resigned.) ​ Anne is passionate about the town, its history and its future. She is enthusiastic about working with the both the Vale and Town Councils, and with other local voluntary groups for the benefit of all of us who live here. Dates in Posts: Trustee: Appointed 1/4/2019 Chair: TBC-April 2024 Dan Brown VICE CHAIR OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE IT, Tech & Web Manager / FoVS Committee Dan started off by joining Friends of Victoria Square in August 2021. ​ While he was looking to join because he had a keen interest in gardening, he soon found out that several of his other skills and experiences would be suitable, ​ Dan has a wide and varied background which includes things like public engagement, performance, and instructing/ teaching about wildlife & conservation, adventure outdoor pursuits and also IT. ​ Because of this, Dan took on the role of Website and Social Media Coordinator for FoVS, helping to develop and improve this for them. From this he also took on managing this website, and will help to update it, evolve it and create ways it can be accessed and utilised by various offline projects we will be creating. Dates in Posts: Trustee: Appointed 20/4/2023 Vice Chair: April 2023-April 2024 IT Tech etc.: 2022 to Present Peter Hall HON. TREASURER & EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Executive Treasurer for all Sub-Groups [About] Dates in Posts: Trustee: Appointed 20/4/2023 Treasurer: April 2023-April 2024 Chris Wyatt HON. SECRETARY OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Membership Secretary Chris has had a long association with The Society and at various times has been Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Website Manager, and chair of the Beach Wardens . He re-joined the Executive Committee in early 2022 after a spell as an ordinary member for several years and became The Society's Membership Secretary. ​ He and his wife moved to Penarth from Cardiff in 2003 to live on the seafront opposite the pier. His proximity to the pier eventually led him to join the National Piers Society (NPS) * in 2008 and he is now the NPS's Website Manager and Liaison Officer for Welsh Seaside Piers. Chris also volunteers for two days a week at the National Trust site at Dyffryn Gardens * where he assists in Visitor Reception, the retail shop, and as a driver of the visitor buggy. ​ Dates in Posts: Trustee: Appointed 20/4/2023 Secretary: April 2023-April 2024 Membership Secretary: April 2022-April 2024 David Noble EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Events Manager, & Penarth Town Heritage Trail David has lived in Penarth for over 30 years and ran a successful printing business until his retirement in 2017. As well as looking after the finances of the Society he organises monthly events and speakers, usually with a Penarth based emphasis, but sometimes simply interesting trips or speakers. He also collates the quarterly newsletter for the Society. ​ He is a keen gardener and is an active member of the Trees, Friends of Victoria Square, and Railway Path Project sub groups. He can often be seen wandering around the town with his two dogs and staring strangely at lamp posts. Dates in Posts: Trustee: Appointed 1/4/2019 Heritage Project: May 2022-Present ​ Mary Davies EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Education Officer Mary joined the committee as lead for the Beach Wardens , Her family has lived in Penarth on and off since the late 19C. Her Irish grandmother’s family were builders involved in the restructure of the Pier Pavilion in the 1920s, while her grandfather, originally a carpenter from Cornwall, became the town sanitary officer.... and the scourge of a few butchers who didn’t follow the slaughtering rules! ​ Both her mother and daughter attended Albert Rd and Stanwell schools. She spent her working life in both statutory and voluntary sectors liaising with families of learning disabled children, enabling them to participate in out of school activities. Since her retirement she has become involved in the local U3a, plays badminton and uses her time walking her dog and keeping an eye on our lovely beach. Dates in Posts: Trustee:Appointed 1/4/2019 Geoffrey Cheason EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Planning Officer Geoff has been a member of the society since 2015, serving on the committee as Minutes Secretary and now our Planning Officer. As a retired conservation architect Geoff also monitors planning applications that are submitted to the Vale of Glamorgan Council looking at applications and issues that may affect Penarth in general and the conservation area in particular. Dates in Posts: Trustee: Appointed 1/4/2019 Planning Officer: May 2022 - Present Alison McQueen EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Railway Path Project & Penarth Tree Forum [About] Non-Trustee LCO RPP Sarah Salter EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Tourism Officer Sarah has been in Penarth for over 26 years and has work in the tourism industry in Wales for the last twelve. A keen walker and allotment keeper Sarah is involved in Railway Path Project Penarth. She is always striving to keep public spaces green and clean for all to enjoy as well as promoting a healthy environment for our local wildlife. ​ Sarah has recently completed her Green Badge Tourist Guide qualification and is looking forward to sharing her passion for Penarth and the wider South Wales area with tourists and visitors. Dates in Posts: Non-Trustee Haydn Mayo EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Chair: Friends of Victoria Square Haydn moved to Penarth in 2006 and enjoys living close to Victoria Square. And, feeling very fortunate to have sight of many wonderful, large street trees, as well as the trees and space of the Square, the launch of the Civic Society’s Tree Forum and Tree Strategy was a call to get involved in caring for our local environment. Along with a small number of other local residents, Haydn established "Friends of Victoria Square” to enhance the appearance, maintenance and community use of the Square. ​ He has become an active member in the Society and a contributor to the Tree Forum. He has worked in the NHS for 35 years and has a keen interest in all aspects of community health and well-being. Dates in Posts: Trustee: Appointed 20/4/2023 Chair FoVS: April 2019-May 2024 Dr Neil Kitchiner EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Co-Lead Coordinator: Friends of St Joseph's Park In his professional capacity Neil is Director and Consultant Clinical Lead at Veterans’ NHS Wales, an NHS Wales out-patient service that provides assessment and treatment for ex-military personnel with service-related mental health problems. ​ Neil helped to set up Friends of St Joseph's Park as a way of helping to enhance the park as a public space. Dates in Posts: Trustee: Appointed 20/4/2023 C-LCo FoSJP: 2022-Present Jerry Cross EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Co-Lead Coordinator: Friends of St Joseph's Park [About] Dates in Posts: Non-Trustee C-LCo FoSJP: 2022-Present Jane Grehan EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Lead Coordinator: Friends of Arcot Triangle [About] Dates in Posts: Trustee: Appointed 20/4/2023 LCo FoAT: TBC-Present David Hughes EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER Arts Advisor Architect and partner in private practice from 1961 to 2017. Founder chairman of the Friends of Roath Park. Trustee of the Rubicon Theatre. Designer of a number of theatre and arts projects in Wales,university, housing, and commercial projects in UK, and Bahrain. Hobbies include golf, theatre and the arts, walking. Dates in Posts: Trustee: Appointed 20/4/2023 Committee: Jan 2023-Present Alan Thorne NON-COMMITTEE MEMBER Historian / Heritage Trail Content Creator Alan is considered one of the most knowledgeable historians of the town, with his research and knowledge often being cited ​ While Alan doesn't sit on the committee, his input is nevertheless important, and vital to our organisation's work in both understanding the history of the town and protecting its heritage. ​ Alan is also a member of the Penarth Local History Society and gives talks for both us and them. Non-Trustee Position: History & Heritage Advisor Nick Crofts NON-COMMITTEE MEMBER Lead Coordinator: Penarth Tree Forum Non-Trustee Position: LCO Dingle Path Project (pending) [Blank Entry] [Position] [Sub Position] [About] Date in Post(s): Trustee: N/A Position: N/A [Blank Entry] [Position] [Sub Position] [About] Date in Post(s): Trustee: N/A Position: N/A © Copyright Past Committee Members (Coming Soon) Read More

  • Beach Wardens

    Wardeniaid Traeth Mae traeth Penarth bob amser wedi bod yn fagnet i bobl leol ac ymwelwyr, yn ogystal ag amrywiaeth dda o fywyd gwyllt. Mae'r silt yn darparu digonedd o fannau bwydo ar gyfer adar hirgoes, tra bod y clogwyni'n fannau nythu da i Wylanod, Ystlumod, a hyd yn oed Hebogiaid Tramor. Gwelir morloi yn y dŵr o bryd i'w gilydd a gallwch ddod o hyd i lawer o greaduriaid a bwystfilod bach sy'n byw ar y lan ynghudd. y cerrig mân a'r pyllau glan môr, Ond nid dyna'r cyfan y gallech chi ddod o hyd iddo ar y traeth hwn ... ​ W Er nad oes llawer o dywod yno, mae digon o bethau o hyd i deuluoedd sy'n mwynhau diwrnod ar y traeth yn ystod tywydd braf i'w gweld a'u gwneud. Yn ogystal â llawer o beryglon dynol... ...sef lle mae'r grŵp hwn yn dod i mewn. Am y Grŵp Wardeniaid Traeth Traeth Penarth yn wirfoddolwyr di-dâl sy'n rhoi rhywfaint o'u hamser rhydd i helpu i gadw traeth Penarth yn rhydd o sbwriel. Mae’r grŵp yn annibynnol ar y cyngor tref lleol a’r cyngor sir, ond mae pob Warden yn aelod o Gymdeithas Ddinesig Penarth, sy’n cwmpasu gweinyddiaeth gyffredinol y grŵp, yn negodi trwyddedau a pherthnasoedd gwaith eraill gyda pherchnogion traethau ac awdurdodau lleol, ac yn talu’r costau. premiymau yswiriant angenrheidiol. Beth mae'r Grŵp yn ei Wneud Wardeniaid Traeth monitro cyflwr yn rheolaiddTraeth Penarth a thacluso'r sbwriel sy'n cael ei olchi i fyny gan y môr. Maen nhw'n gwneud hyn yn eu hamser eu hunain ac yn cyfarfod o bryd i'w gilydd i gael cyfarfod cymdeithasol. ​ Dros amser maent wedi casglu gweddillion barbeciws tafladwy, yn anffodus heb eu gwaredu ond wedi eu gadael i rydu ar y traeth ynghyd â llawer o boteli, caniau a malurion bwyd. Y dyddiau hyn mae sbwriel yn cynnwys gweddillion bwydydd a diodydd cludfwyd o'r mannau gwerthu ar lan y môr. ​ Maent yn casglu'n unigol ac mae hyn yn galluogi pobl i ffitio casglu sbwriel i mewn i'w harferion gwaith a chymdeithasol unigol. Mae gan rai o'r wardeniaid gŵn ac maent yn defnyddio eu teithiau cerdded i gasglu sbwriel, gyda menig a chodwyr yn cael eu darparu gan y Cyngor. ​ Mae'r Wardeniaid hefyd yn cadw golwg ar gyflwr y Y Clogwyni , yn chwilio am erydiad gan fod gennym ambell i dirlithriad, yn y gwanwyn maent yn mwynhau gwylio’r hebogiaid tramor yn esgyn uwchben eu nythod ar ochr y clogwyni, (Cliciwch yma i weld fideo dogfen hyfryd gan Andrew Salter ar yr adar hyn sy'n nythu ar glogwyni Penarth )* AdobeStock_196997453 AdobeStock_123256855 BEACH AdobeStock_196997453 1/5 Pam fod eu gwaith yn bwysig Mae sbwriel traeth yn broblem enfawr a chynyddol nad oes un ateb iddi. Nid dolur llygad yn unig mohono – mae’n lladd bywyd gwyllt y môr ac yn gallu achosi problemau iechyd ac economaidd mawr i gymunedau lleol. Mae angen ystod o fesurau i frwydro yn erbyn y broblem hon, gan ddechrau gydag ymdrechion ar y cyd i godi ymwybyddiaeth y cyhoedd. Mae angen cyplysu hyn â systemau sy'n anelu at sicrhau bod cyn lleied o sbwriel â phosibl byth yn mynd ar y traeth. ​ Y dyddiau hyn mae sbwriel yn cynnwys gweddillion bwyd a diod tecawê o'r allfeydd glan y môr. Mae'r bagiau bwyd plastig sydd ar ôl yn denu adar sy'n llyncu'r rhain gyda chanlyniadau trychinebus. Mae eitemau o ddillad yn ddarganfyddiadau rheolaidd ac maent wedi cynnwys dillad allanol a dillad isaf.(Rydym yn dal i chwilio am y trowsus llai dyn y gadawyd ei bants ar draeth y gogledd sawl blwyddyn yn ôl!) Prosiectau Nodedig Mae'r Wardeniaid Traeth wedi cymryd rhan yn aml yn y Eglwys Awstin Sant Arddangosfa Nadolig , gyda choed wedi'u haddurno gan ddefnyddio sbwriel a gasglwyd o'r traeth. Maen nhw'n ceisio dangos i bobl y math o sbwriel sydd wedi codi dros y flwyddyn. Yn 2019 cafodd y goeden ei haddurno ag eitemau pysgota, i dynnu sylw at eu cynnydd yn y darganfyddiadau. Gall y rhain fod yn beryglus iawn, nid yn unig i ddiogelwch ein planed, ond i blant bach ac anifeiliaid hefyd. Gellir cuddio'r bachau a'r pwysau pigog yn y tywod, tra gall llinell bysgota yn y dŵr gyffwrdd â bywyd morol. Ffurfio'r Grŵp Ffurfiwyd grŵp Warden Traeth Cymdeithas Penarth ym mis Awst 2007 mewn ymateb i bryder eang am faint o sbwriel sydd ar y traeth. Mae Penarth yn gyrchfan glan môr. Slogan y dref yw 'Yr Ardd ger y Môr' a heb y môr, byddai Penarth yn dref ddymunol arall. Y môr sy’n gwneud Penarth yn lle arbennig a’r môr sy’n denu ymwelwyr i’r Esplanade ac i’r dref ei hun. A'r ffin rhwng y tir a'r môr yw'r Traeth. Felly mae'r Traeth yn hanfodol bwysig i Benarth. Ond yn 2007 roedd Traeth Penarth wedi mynd yn ddolur llygad llawn sbwriel a doedd neb i'w weld yn gwneud dim byd amdano.Cliciwch yma i ddarllen mwy * Dyfodol y Grŵp O 22022 ymlaen, mae'r grŵp Wardeniaid Traeth wedi methu oherwydd bod nifer yr aelodau'n lleihau ac amseroedd ymrwymo yn ystod y ddwy flynedd ddiwethaf. Mae ar hyn o bryd yn cael ei adolygu ar gyfer adfywiad ac yn chwilio am aelodau newydd. ​ Mae’r grwpiau hefyd yn chwilio am syniadau am brosiectau newydd, a chydweithio gyda grwpiau lleol eraill ac unigolion sy’n defnyddio’r traeth, megis The Dawnstalkers, cerddwyr cŵn a datgelwyr metel. Maent hefyd yn edrych ar sefydliadau eraill y gallent ofyn am gymorth ganddynt sydd ag adnoddau y gallant fanteisio arnynt, megis Cadwch Gymru'n Daclus a Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru. Manylion Gweithredol Amseroedd a Lleoliadau Cyfarfodydd: Mae'r Wardeniaid Traeth yn segur ar hyn o bryd ac angen aelodau newydd. Os oes gennych ddiddordeb mewn Cymryd Rhan, Cysylltwch â Ni Cadeirydd Presennol: Mary Davies Sut i Ymuno: Cysylltwch â Ni Mae aelodaeth am ddim Sut i gysylltu: Defnyddiwch ein ffurflen Cysylltwch â Ni Ar-lein a Chyfryngau Cymdeithasol Gallwch ddod o hyd i ragor o fanylion am y grŵp a’u gweithgareddau ar y gwefannau canlynol: Gwefan ei Hun: * Sylwch nad yw'r wefan hon bellach yn cael ei defnyddio gan y Wardeniaid Traeth Tudalen Facebook: Amh Grŵp Facebook: Amh Instagram: Amh Twitter: Amh Arall: Amh

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  • Ein hymgyrch Ddiweddaraf

    Mae'r Pwyllgor wedi cytuno i fynd at Gyngor Bro Morgannwg gyda'r bwriad o gytuno i godi cyfres o arwyddion Gwybodaeth ledled y dref. Ar hyn o bryd prin iawn yw'r arwyddion o'r fath ac nid oes gan y rhai sy'n cael eu codi unrhyw wybodaeth go iawn am hanes na threftadaeth Penarth. Rydym yn rhagweld y bydd oddeutu 20 i 25 o Fyrddau Gwybodaeth, ynghyd â chyfres o Blaciau Glas ynghlwm wrth adeiladau a phwyntiau gwybodaeth cod QR a fyddai'n galluogi defnyddwyr ffonau symudol i sganio cod a fyddai wedyn yn rhoi dolen i'n gwefan a fyddai â gwybodaeth fanylach amdani yr adeilad neu'r unigolyn sy'n cael sylw. Megis dechrau y mae'r prosiect hwn a byddwn yn ymgynghori'n llawn ag aelodau i roi gwybod ichi beth yw ein cynlluniau, bydd hyn hefyd yn rhoi cyfle i chi wneud eich awgrymiadau a'ch sylwadau eich hun. Byddem yn rhagweld y byddai'r prosiect yn cymryd peth amser, bydd angen i ni wneud cais am arian y Loteri Genedlaethol a byddwn yn ceisio ymgysylltu â'r gymuned ac ysgolion i helpu i adeiladu'r gronfa wybodaeth ar ei gyfer. Teimlwn pe bai'r prosiect hwn yn cael ei fabwysiadu y gallai fod yn ffynhonnell wybodaeth werthfawr iawn i breswylwyr ac ymwelwyr fel ei gilydd. Gallwch gefnogi gwaith y Gymdeithas Ddinesig trwy ddod yn aelod. Mae aelodaeth unigol yn costio £ 10.00 ac mae'n £ 15.00 i gwpl, y flwyddyn. Ewch i....

  • Hoffi rhoi benthyg llaw?

    Mae Cymdeithas Ddinesig Penarth yn gwneud mwy a mwy yn y dref - ac mae angen help arni gan bobl leol sydd â diddordeb i wneud hyd yn oed mwy. Mae gennym dimau rhagorol o wirfoddolwyr yn helpu gyda'n holl goed newydd, yn Sgwâr Victoria, ar Lwybr y Rheilffordd a mwy. Rydym bob amser yn gwirio ceisiadau cynllunio ac yn cysylltu â'r Cynghorau Tref a'r Fro. Rydym yn chwilio am rai sy'n helpu dwylo a meddyliau i'n cynorthwyo ar y pwyllgor. Felly os oes gennych unrhyw ddiddordebau neu sgiliau penodol yn debyg i weinyddiaeth, ymgysylltu â'r gymuned, cyfrifon, cyfryngau cymdeithasol ac ati, yna hoffem yn fawr iawn ichi gymryd rhan. Os hoffech ei drafod, byddem yn falch iawn o glywed gennych. Cysylltwch â'r Cadeirydd, Anne Evans, ar 07818 280 336 neu trwy

  • Penarth’s Victorian Lamposts

    (Mae'r dudalen hon yn aros i gael ei chyfieithu - Apologies, this blog is awaiting translation) In early 2019 local residents were dismayed to see several of our iconic Victorian lampposts being removed and replaced with galvanised steel modern replacements. There were several protests and a great many letters to both the Vale of Glamorgan Council and the local media. The Vale Council had taken the decision to replace the posts with more energy efficient LED lighting units. There was a petition arranged by a local resident, Gemma Critchley and this attracted over 1200 signatures, the Civic Society also emailed the Council to protest and ask that the programme was halted, however we were advised that the programme had been announced as far back as 2018 and instructions had been put in place for contractors to carry out the upgrade.In July whilst walking his dogs in Victoria square one of our Trustees noticed that there were still some of the original posts and the Society decided to submit a Freedom of Information Request in a last attempt to save the posts. As a charitable body we hoped that we may be able to apply for grant funding to save them, 30/07/19 Freedom of Information Request Please can you tell me how many lampposts are still remaining and how many have been removed. We are interested in the possibility of investigating grant opportunities to save as many of the lampposts as possible. Therefore we would also like to ask for the additional information of just what is involved in the process of upgrading and a breakdown of the costs thereof. 68 columns have been replaced, 200 remain Cost of replacement in similar style Cast Iron Column £2500 (approximate costs) LED Lantern £700 Plant & Labour £800 Costs £4000 Cost of Standard Column Standard Column £100 (current standard residential spec) Standard LED Lantern £120 Plant & Labour £800 Costs £1020 However this answer did not answer our key question, of whether it would be possible to convert them, so we submitted a further Request. 27/8/19 Further Question You have not answered the key question, that is what the cost would be to CONVERT the present columns to LED lighting rather than replacing them. 28/8/19 Answer It is not possible to replace the old Victorian columns as they are either electrically unsafe or structurally unsound. Therefore we are unable to provide a cost for something that cannot be practicably achieved. We were unhappy with this broad brushstroke approach so submitted a further request with particular reference to two lampposts in Beach Lane which had already been converted to LED light. These posts were of an unsuitable design, pictured below, but at least they showed that conversion was possible 30/8/19 Further Question Thank you for your response, however it raises further questions. 1) How many of the 268 lampposts were actually inspected to see if they were either structurally unsound or electrically unsafe?. 2) Please can we see the results of any such inspections? 3) Of the 68 posts already lost, how many of them were found to be structurally unsound or unsafe once they were ripped out of the ground by the Contractors? 4) Two lampposts in Beach Lane/Kymin Terrace have actually been converted to LED units, how much did these cost and why were they converted? This resulted in a very interesting response 1/10/19 Answer Question 1 The existing cast iron columns have never been structurally tested. However, all the cast iron columns are in poor condition and this is evident from the connection boxes that have recently collapsed. Question 2 There were electrical test certificates but these have been archived. I have contacted the service area again to check if any of these can be made available. I have not had a response as of yet. If we are able to provide any of these within the time limit of 18 hours (as specified in the Freedom of Information Act) I will let you know. Question 3: No information available. Question 4: Council Policy was to convert all lanterns in residential areas to LED. Cast iron columns were part of this process however it was brought to our attention by the contractor that the spigot was too weak to support the loading of the new lantern. In the interest of health and safety, it was decided to stop the LED lantern replacement on this particular column type. With reference to costs, we can confirm that the cost for the lantern replacements in Beach Lane was approximately £160.00 per column. We then approached some other Councils and received very helpful advice from Canterbury City Council in particular, they put us in touch with some street furniture suppliers and contractors who had converted the lampposts in Canterbury to LED. We learned that the main issue they had was the fact that when the posts had been converted to electric lights from gas the junction box for the mains cable to the lamps was placed at the top of the column, this made electrical testing and maintenance more difficult than necessary because contractors needed a cherry picker to enable access at height. They had resolved this by installing a junction box panel at ground level. It then became clear that when the Vale Council was saying that the “electrically unsafe” element of their argument related to the fact that some of the junction boxes had burst open and had to be taped up with tape to hold them together. The “structurally unsound” element related to the fact that when a test lamppost in Beach Lane had been converted to LED the contractor had reported that the spigot which was used to attach the new unit did not look like it would be strong enough to support the new unit. This LED unit was not appropriate to the Conservation Area as it was of a modern design. Another structural issue was that some lampposts had started to lean due to subsidence issues. Our work with the street furniture suppliers suggested that a ground level junction box and LED lantern could be sourced for approximately £700.00 plus fitting. In October 2019 we wrote to the Chief Executive of the Vale Council, expressing our concern and the fact that in our opinion, rather than spending £1020 on replacing the columns, they could be upgraded with more appropriate lanterns at less cost than this. We were pleased to be invited to a meeting with Peter King, Councillor responsible for Neighbourhood Services and Miles Punter, Director of Neighbourhood Services. At the meeting we were told that following on from a change of control at the Council the Executive had reviewed the programme in the light of the huge public opinion backlash and that they had decided to replace the posts with a more sympathetic design, a modern reproduction post with a Victorian style lantern. We welcomed this gesture, but pointed out that we already have the genuine article and that we believed that they could be converted cost effectively. We decided as a group to work together with the suppliers that we had suggested to see if the existing posts could in fact be upgraded to LED units cost effectively. The suppliers came to a second group meeting and it was decided that a ground level junction box would be the best way to overcome the structural and electrical issues that had been causing the problems earlier. In fact it was Mr Puntland who suggested the final design box, having seen a similar one during a visit to the City of Westminster. A test lamppost conversion was ordered and this was completed in Rectory Road in May 2020. The conversion was a success and the Council is now going to go out to tender to convert all of the existing Victorian posts, as long as they have not started to lean too severely. The posts in Cwrt-y-Vill Road which had been removed have been converted to the reproduction columns. Penarth Civic Society would like to thank the Vale of Glamorgan Council for being big enough to listen to the argument, accept that we all have a responsibility to preserve our heritage wherever possible and reverse their original decision. We are pleased that we have all been able to work together in collaboration to save our Victorian Lampposts. The upgraded lampposts look lovely, they are much more in keeping with the conservation area and of course are also much more energy efficient than the old ones.

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