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Tudalen Newydd yn Dod yn Fuan 2023!

Uncovering our Own History project

History Of The Penarth Society project (HOPS) - 2024

in 2022 we rediscovered some of our 'lost' archives, within which are a lot of information collected over the years of The Society's existence. While contemporary for their time, they have since become a useful insight to and reference of the organisation's own past. We are currently delving into them to see what we can find, and will place the information here as part of this mini project.

Snapshots of Penarth's Past

Not only do these records chart the history of the P[C]S's own projects, events, activities etc. but amongst them are also documents (such as newspapers, written articles, photographs and more) about local events, activities and campaigns that took place in and around the town during the time of The Society. These are some very useful pieces of information as they not only show the progression of the town during those times, but carry some significance to how We (as the PCS and as citizens of the town) are looking to do the same in modern times.

Sometimes the past can reveal the answers to the present of how we should be looking to develop the future.

You will find this information added to our various projects and campaigns as we go along.

Yacht Club.JPG

The Original Organisation

In 1971, an organisation was registered with the Civic Trust as The Civic Society for Penarth. We are still currently researching what happened to this group as it apparently didn't exist in 1984 (see The Penarth Citizens Group below).

We do have some records of what this group did, including donating a set of concrete steps leading from the Beach Shelter (currently Coffi Co) beside the Italian Gardens to Windsor Gardens in 1975.

We will add more information to this section as and when we discover it.

Disbanding of the original Society

There is currently know information available about this.

The Penarth [Baths] Citizens Group

In 1984, the Penarth Swimming Baths was set to celebrate its centenary, however it was also facing both closure and demolition. A number of concerned local residents came together to campaign to save this from happening. Calling themselves the Penarth Citizens Group (or in some reference material The Penarth Baths Citizens Group, they managed to get over 4000 signatures in support of retaining the landmark.


The campaign was only partially successful in that, while the building was saved, unfortunately it was still closed as a swimming baths and eventually it was converted into flats.

The building was however granted a Grade II listing, to at least protect it from further dereliction.

Several of those who helped lead the campaign went on to form the new version of the Penarth Society.

More information for this section to follow


The Penarth Society - Reformation

The organisation was re-established as The Penarth Society, and constituted as such on Wed 5th November 1986...

More information to follow

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