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Welcome to The Penarth Civic Society Website.

The Penarth Civic Society focuses on the heritage, people and future development of the town of Penarth, South Wales.


We are an independent, non-political, voluntary organization, constituted as a Charitable Incorporated Organization (RCN 1182348). The Society campaigns for the protection and enhancement of our beautiful town, with its important heritage and cultural life, as well as creates, develops and runs projects that are beneficial to the town, covering such topics as Historical recognition, research and preservation, Environmental monitoring, conservation and improving, and the Adaption and integration of modern needs and facilities into the cultural and historical makeup of the area.

Our objectives are:

- Seek to develop and improve our town, as well as to protect its history & heritage alongside future planning.

- Encourage high standards of design and architecture.

- Support the participation of the whole Community in its governance.

2024 Events

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A Brief History of The Group

The Association was formed in 1986 as a reaction to the planned redevelopment of the Saltwater Swimming Baths on The Esplanade. A number of very important buildings had already been lost in the town as developments had been demolished to make way for flats, Fortunately there was a successful campaign to list the baths building (though it was converted into private residences).

You can read about this and other campaigns we ran in the Campaigns of the Past section in our News Category

as well as more about Our Own History here>

Our Projects

We have a number of projects in and around Penarth Town, either created and run by ourselves, or working in collaboration with other groups, organisations and councils. The types of projects we are involved with vary, though each has a basis relating to our core aims and mission.

There are also a number of historical projects & campaigns that we (including as The Penarth Society) were involved with. Some of these we will display here while others can be found in Past Campaigns

Our current & former projects are:

PTHT 4 Prototype v2.png

Penarth Town Heritage Trail

2022 -

Bringing the history of the town into the 21st century


Penarth Town Trails Revisited

1974-2000, 2023

The Original walking tours of Penarth and its history.

Why not explore with them...?

Penarth Living Streets

2022 -

Shaping the future of our town for climate, sustainability and modern & future lifestyles...



Civic Awards


This project is coming soon... ..........................



Uncovering our Own History


We have our own interesting history to reveal.

What will we find...?

Penarth Civic Society Time Changed copy.jpg

Year of 



This project is also coming soon...


Our Sub-Groups

We have several sub-groups who were formed to take specific projects forward within the town. Each group leader sits on the executive committee to ensure that any activities are explained to the Society and co-ordinated efficiently.

Several of the groups also work with and along-side the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Penarth Town Council when carrying out their projects. Each group is also interlinked, working together wherever there's a crossover in action and remit, sharing knowledge, ideas, resources and volunteers.


We currently have 5 active Sub-Groups and one temporarily suspended in their work (FIGS). We hope to have this back up and running soon.

As of 2023 the Penarth Beach Wardens is no longer an active sub-group, though we will continue to support other beach-based groups and initiatives that have popped up since.

Get Involved

These groups are always looking for new members.

If you would like to help and get involved with any of the above groups please Contact Us;

TREES 1.jpg

Penarth Tree Forum

Helping to protect, monitor, care for and increase the tree canopy of Penarth


Friends of St Joseph's Park

a.k.a The Zigzag Path

A new group which will help maintain and enhance it.

Victoria Square.jpg

Friends of Victoria Square

A group dedicated to making The Square a place of freedom, relaxation and enjoyment for all

Arcot Triangle Bunting.jpg

Friends of

Arcot Triangle

Penarth's smallest Community green-space joins us as a sub-group in 2023

Penarth railway walk.jpg

Railway Path Project

Helping to monitor and maintain the foliage of this central walking and cycling path

Social Media

Socia Media


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