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Working with the PCS

The Penarth Civic Society is a collective organisation, responsible for a number of sub-groups, as well as working alongside and in collaboration with other groups, organisations, charities, councils and more in and around the town of Penarth.

Forming New Groups

New Groups

Would you like to establish a group of Volunteers to enhance The Community in Penarth, or make an existing one a sub-group?

All of the activities that The Society are involved in came from a member who wanted to improve something about our town. We would very much like to encourage more people to come forward with suggestions for projects which would deliver such improvements.

The Society has over 30 years’ experience in campaigning and organising volunteer programmes and we are determined to pass this experience on to assist like-minded people to create new schemes which we see as in alignment with the principles and aspirations of the Society.

We have a Support Package that is available to any group that the Society adopts.

Principal features are:

  1. A Grant of £100 to book a Hall and promote an Open Event for the community to launch the scheme and call for volunteers.

  2. The benefit of the umbrella support of the Society as a Charitiable Incorporated Organisation to assist with applications for financial support and grant packages.

  3. Insurance cover for all volunteers and attendees at any events organised.

  4. A web page on our website to publicise the group.

  5. Support in the form of articles in the regular Society Newsletters to publicise the scheme.

  6. Access to a wide variety of other individuals and groups who are involved with The Society to help & support the establishment, and the running of projects, including IT, horticulture, accounts and applying for grants.

  7. Assistance with establishing and running a Facebook page and other social media.

  8. The chance to input into the wider community activities & projects of Penarth that we cover to help shape and progress them.

Criteria for Groups.

This information is still being created so please speak directly to us for more information and advice.

Collaborating with Us

Collaborate with us

Would you like to form a collaboration, partnership or other joint input into a project, activity or event in and around the town?

This information is still being created...

We are a community oriented organisation and recognise the need for involvement and action on a wider scale than we can manage. There are also projects and schemes that may wish to interact with Penarth and need some way to help get them established and run.

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