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Penarth’s beach has always been a magnet for locals and visitors, as well as for a good range of wildlife.


The silt provides abundant feeding grounds for wading birds, while the cliffs make good nesting grounds for Gulls, Bats, and even Peregrine Falcons, There are occasional sightings of seals in the water and you can find many shore dwelling creatures and mini-beasts hidden among the pebbles and rock pools,

But that's not all you could find on this beach...

Whilst it doesn’t have a lot of sand there are still plenty of things for families who enjoy a day on the beach during sunny weather to see and do.

As well as many human-made hazards...

...which is where this group comes in.


About The Group

The Beach Wardens of Penarth Beach are all unpaid volunteers who give up some of their free time to help keep Penarth beach free of litter. The group are independent of both the local town council and the county council but all Wardens are members of the Penarth Civic Society, which covers the general administration for the group, negotiates licences and other working relationships with beach owners and local authorities, and pays the necessary insurance premiums.

What the Group Does

Beach Wardens regularly monitor the condition of Penarth Beach and tidy up the rubbish washed up by the sea. They do this in their own time and meet up at intervals for a social get together..

Over time they have picked up the remains of disposable BBQs, sadly not disposed of but left to rust on the beach along with many bottles, cans and food debris. Nowadays litter includes the remains of take away food and drinks from the seafront outlets.

They collect individually this enables people to fit litter picking in with their individual work and social routines. Some of the wardens have dogs and use their walks to collect litter, with gloves and pickers provided by the Council. 

The Wardens also keep an eye on the condition of The Cliffs, looking for erosion as we do have the occasional landslip, in the spring they enjoy watching the peregrines soar above their nests in the cliff-side,

(Click here to see a wonderful documentary video by Andrew Salter on these birds nesting in Penarth cliffs)*

One day's rubbish in February 2018.JPG

Why their work is important

Beach litter is a huge and growing problem to which there is no single solution. It is not just an eyesore - it kills marine wildlife and can inflict major health and economic problems on local communities. A range of measures are needed to combat this problem, starting with concerted efforts to raise public awareness. This needs to be coupled with systems aimed at ensuring that as little litter as possible ever gets on to the beach.

Nowadays litter includes the remains of take away food & drinks from the seafront outlets. The plastic food sachets left attract birds that swallow these with disastrous results.


Items of clothing are regular finds and have included outer and underwear. (We are still looking for the trouser less man whose pants were left on the north beach several years ago!)

Notable Projects

The Beach Wardens have frequently participated in the St Augustine's Church Christmas Exhibition, with trees decorated using litter collected from the beach. They try to show people the sort of rubbish that has have picked up over the year.


In 2019 the tree was decorated with fishing items, to highlight their increase in finds. These can be very dangerous, not only to the safety of our planet, but to small children & animals as well. The hooks and spiked weights can be hidden in the sand, while fishing line in the water can tangle around marine life.

Christmas tree competition winner 2018.JPG
2018 beach rubbish.jpeg

Formation of The Group

The Penarth Society Beach Warden group was formed in August 2007 in response to widespread concern about the amount of litter on the beach. Penarth is a seaside resort. The town slogan is ‘The Garden by the Sea’ and without the sea, Penarth would be just another pleasant town. It is the sea that makes Penarth a special place and it is the sea that draws visitors to the Esplanade and to the town itself. And the boundary between the land and the sea is the Beach. So the Beach is vitally important to Penarth. But in 2007 Penarth Beach had become a litter strewn eyesore and nobody seemed to be doing anything about it. Click here to read more*


Future of The Group

As of 22022 The Beach Wardens group has fallen into abeyance due to dwindling member numbers and commitment times over the previous couple of years. It is currently undergoing a revision for revival and is seeking new members.

The groups is also looking for new project ideas, and collaborations with other local groups and individuals that use the beach, such as The Dawnstalkers, dog walkers and metal detactorists.


They are also looking at other organisations they could seek assistance from that have resources they can tap into, such as Keep Wales Tidy and Natural Resources Wales.

Active Details

Meeting Times & Locations:

The Beach Wardens is currently in abeyance and needs new members. If you are interested in Getting Involved, Please Contact Us

Current Chair:

Mary Davies

How to Join:

Contact Us

Membership is Free

How to Contact:

Use our Contact Us form

Online & Social Media

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