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Penarth is known as The Garden By The Sea. It earned this nickname thanks to the many parks and gardens dotted around the town. Locations which are filled with trees, many of which were planted during the Victorian development of the area, while others pre-date the expansion of the town. Either way many of these trees still exist today, and, alongside the newer ones being planted, need to be looked after, monitored and maintained. A task that is as big as the town itself...

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About The Group

Residents and visitors alike enjoy our tree-lined Victorian streets. Many of these trees, planted over a hundred years ago, are now in need of attention. Sometimes the wrong species were planted, some have been allowed to grow over-large, a number have been removed and not replaced. The Penarth Tree Forum aims to take a key role in looking after these trees, as well as helping to help establish new trees for future generations.

What the Group Does

The PTF liaise with the Vale of Glamorgan Council* regarding trees that need attention or to suggest sites for tree planting. The Vale Council has now planted some new trees, on the Railway Path for example, and they intend to plant more early in 2021, although they are still not replacing street trees felled. We will continue to press the Council on this issue.

Their latest project is to set up a . More information about this coming soon. The PTF also collaborate with other environmental groups in the town so we can help each other.

Projects and Teams

Because the PTF covers a wide scope in the types of 

Street Tree Warden Scheme

Street Tree Management, Penarth Tree Strategy, Street Tree Action Plan

TPO & Tree-works Planning Applications

This information is currently pending as this team is in formation.

This team is forming to help ensure that trees under a Tree Protection Order (TPO)* are projected, as well as help people apply for such orders where possible.

They will also help to ensure the correct paperworks is filled out for any tree-related work needed (public and private) as well as ensure permits are obtained by the relevant parties.

More / corrections to follow.

Tree Volunteers and Coordinators

The members of this team are the vital ground workers of the group. They are volunteers who have taken on the responsibility of directly caring for the trees themselves, whether that's individual ones within a location, or a collection.

The Tree Volunteers water, weed and mulch around the trees monitor their health and prune where necessary. They also help to plant new trees in suitable locations.

The Tree Volunteers keep an eye on trees around Penarth, looking out for those that may need some attention from the council, or are succumbing to disease or rot. After heavy storms and adverse weather they look out for damage that needs to be reported to the VoGC (see below for a link you can use to report also).

TPO and treeworks planning applications subgroup (soon to be added)

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Why their work is important

As a town, Penarth has a heavy mix of urban and green spaces, both of which contain trees. Many of these trees date back to the Victorian times, and some even earlier. It is important that these trees are both recognised and protected as vital assets for the town. Not just from the historical value, but the ecological one too.

Particular emphasis is placed on involving local residents and the Friends of Victoria Square group came about as a result of one of our Open Meetings. We were fortunate in 2020 to be given some tree saplings by the Woodland Trust which were given away to residents. Our leaflet on Planting trees in front gardens is available on this site here (PDF).

Formation of The Group

This section is awaiting information

At the request of Society members, who were concerned about the loss of trees in general and street trees in particular, we set up the Penarth Tree Forum in 2016. The Forum has been working with the Vale of Glamorgan Council to encourage them to develop a strategy for trees, in particular street trees.


The Tree Strategy for Penarth, produced by our group, is available here (PDF).

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Active Details

Meeting Times & Locations:

The group mostly has no fixed meeting days, times or locations, generating work parties and carrying out tasks as required around the town of Penarth. Individual members can carry out their tasks as needed and when available.

Members also assist other PCS groups with their tree-related work, and can also help non-PCS groups with tasks and advice.

Members do meet at least once a month at The Cosmeston Orchard to assist in maintaining it.


Current Chair: Nick Crofts

How to Join:

Contact us at the below email address


How to Contact:

Related Weblinks

Links to be added

Online & Social Media

You can find more details about the group and their activities at the following sites:

Own Website: N/A

Facebook Page: (Penarth Civic Society)

Facebook Group: @penarthtreeforum

(this group is open to all, though posts & members may be moderated for content not related to its specification.)

Instagram: N/A

Twittter: N/A

Whatsapp: Available via membership

Other: N/A

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PTF Events

  • Educational Talk: Penarth Tree Forum - Annual Update
    Educational Talk: Penarth Tree Forum - Annual Update
    Thu, 20 Jun
    St Augustine's Parish Hall
    20 Jun 2024, 19:00 – 20:30
    St Augustine's Parish Hall, Albert Rd, Penarth CF64, UK
    20 Jun 2024, 19:00 – 20:30
    St Augustine's Parish Hall, Albert Rd, Penarth CF64, UK
    Our Sub-Group The Penarth Tree Forum's annual update on their work and projects across the town.
  • Guided Educational Tour: Penarth's Trees - Penarth Tree Forum
    Guided Educational Tour: Penarth's Trees - Penarth Tree Forum
    Sun, 28 Jul
    Location is TBD
    28 Jul 2024, 14:00 – 16:00
    Location is TBD
    28 Jul 2024, 14:00 – 16:00
    Location is TBD
    Join the Penarth Tree Forum for their annual guided tour, showcasing Penarth's arboreal culture. MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW
  • Penarth Civic Society Exhibition Showcase
    Penarth Civic Society Exhibition Showcase
    Thu, 19 Sept
    Outside Cogan Primary School
    19 Sept 2024, 19:00 – 21:00
    Outside Cogan Primary School, Pill St, Penarth CF64 2JS, UK
    19 Sept 2024, 19:00 – 21:00
    Outside Cogan Primary School, Pill St, Penarth CF64 2JS, UK
    A walkthrough Exhibition. A Chance to view the archive materials, and find out more about us and our sub-groups. Also our projects (such as the Heritage Trail) TBC Open Event
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