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Penarth Town Heritage Trail
Blue Plaques

PCS PTHT Blue Plaque Concept Design 1.jpg

This Page and related sub-pages are currently being created as part of the Penarth Town Heritage Trail Project. Please follow the main page and public announcements for updates.

Penarth Town has a lot of famous people & landmarks/buildings associated with it, but not that many Blue Plaques in recognition of them. In fact it only has one blue plaque, as well as two non-blue plaques recognising certain well-known Penarthians (one of which is on the wrong house!)

Part of Phase one of the project is to increase this number. A key criteria of this however is that while there are a number of notable and recognisable people who could be honoured by one, there are also a number of 'ordinary' people who could perhaps also be included.

Examples include Dockers, Midwives, Coal Trimmers and more. With so many unrecognised people helping to make the town what it has become, we'd like to show them some appreciation too.

PCS PTHT Blue Plaque Concept Design 1.jpg
Blue Plaque.jpg

The Criteria for being included in the

Blue Plaque list is:

They must:

  1. be Dead

  2. be Interesting

  3. have lived or worked in the town at a site that still exists (so we an mount the plaque)

Proposed Recipients

The following is a list of potential candidates for Blue Plaques. Where a name is not given we are seeking someone of that profession that could be included. Other notable candidates from other professions may also be considered. The goal here is to not only highlight the most well known individuals, but also those who also hade a good influence over the town.

PCS PTHT BP Concept Ray Howard Jones.jpg
  1. Annie Davies - Housemaid, killed on level crossing on Windsor Place

  2. Barbara Middlehurst - Astronomer

  3. Catherine Meazey - Benefactor

  4. Constance Maillard - Benefactor, first female leader of PUDC

  5. Edith Parnell - Swimmer

  6. Elizabeth Sheppard-Jones - Writer of children's books

  7. Emily Pickford - Musician

  8. Emily Rose Bleaby - First woman to be elected in Penarth, Poor Law Guardian

  9. Frances "Ma" Chaney - Colourful Character and "Bookmaker"

  10. Gladys Morel-Gibbs - Benefactor

  11. Hettie Millicent Mackenzie - Suffragette

  12. Johanna Scott - Colourful Character

  13. Kathleen Thomas - Swimmer, first to cross Channel

  14. Mary Glynne - Actor

  15. Mary Morgan - Benefactor, Financed Arcot Methodist church

  16. Rosemary (Ray) Howard-Jones - Artist

  17. A Seamstress

  18. A Shop Owner

  19. A Laundry Woman

  20. A Midwife

  21. A Boarding House Keeper

  1. C.E. Bernard - Town Planner

  2. Dicky Garret - First Penarthian to play rugby for Wales

  3. Edward 'Ted' Vizard - Footballer and Wales International

  4. Frank Roper - Sculptor

  5. George Norris - Politician

  6. Henry Snell - Architect

  7. Jack Bassett - Wales rugby Captain and British Lion

  8. Jack Vincent - Penarth's last Hobbler

  9. John Coates - Carter-Architect

  10. John Cory - Shipowner

  11. Joseph Culliford -

  12. Joseph Parry - Composer

  13. Marc Brunel - Engineer

  14. Patsy O'Brien - Coal Trimmer

  15. Peter Freeman - Maverick MP

  16. Ray Milland - Actor

  17. Cptn. Richard William Leslie Wain - Victoria Cross

  18. Samuel Arthur ‘SA’ Brain - Brewer

  19. Sgt. Samuel George Pearse - Victoria Cross

  20. Solomon Andrews - Entrepreneur

  21. Tommy "Dodd" Wallace - Stonemason and Salvationist

  22. William Sadler - Publican

  23. Another dock worker - and xx other people lived here in 18xx

  24. Other names? - (suggestions welcome)

The above displayed lists do not currently include where we would like to display each plaque as we will not disclose it at this time. This aspect requires us not only consider how they would be displayed where applicable but also negotiate consent with the current owners of each location.


Full information about each of these individuals will be made available as the project progresses. You can find some information about some of them already on our website here.

Submitting Suggested Candidates

Names & Information about other suitable candidates can be submitted to us using the email address below. We will not only need their name & profession of the individual but also a brief history for why they are a suitable candidate as well as the name of an location they are prominently associated with (including both public & private, commercial and residential) upon which a plaque could be mounted. Dates associated with them such as date of birth & death and dates they used the said location also required.

PCS PTHT Blue Plaque Concept Design 1.jpg
PCS PTHT Blue Plaque Concept Design 1.jpg

Blue Plaque Recipient Template

[This section is currently in the design phase. Information will be hosted on two separate pages, one for men and one for women.]

Blue Plaque Ref No.

Name of Recipient

Date of Birth - Death

Date of Residence at Location (If known)

Reason for Nomination

Other Relevant Historical Information

Blue Plaque Location (Maplink)

Blue Plaque Installation Date

Links to any news articles about installation

Links to any further online reading (3rd party sites)



Blue Plaque (pre installation0

Blue Plaque in-situe (where permitted)

Other relevant photographs


Site Settings

Strip Colours (Pale Blue for Ladies and Pale Pink for Gentlemen (to use correct historical colour assignments not modern inversion).

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