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Penarth Town Heritage Trail


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Other Boards

Other Boards

[Overview Map & Welcome Board] - TBC

History of Penarth #1 – Clifftop

History of Penarth #2 – Town Centre

History of Penarth#3  – Paget Rd

History of Penarth #4 – Alexandra Park

The Americans – Paget Rd

[Seafront Area] (Buildings and users + Dinosaurs) – Esplanade

First Houses of Penarth – John St / Arcot St

Penarth’s First Shopping Centre – Glebe St

Holiest Street in Town – Plassey St

[Headlands Area] – Headlands School

Mansions & Wealth – Marine Parade

[New Shops/Arcade/Library & Solomon Andrews] – Windsor Arcade

Arrival of The Railway – Penarth Station

Victoria Square & All Saints – Victoria Square

St Augustine's Church & Yards – St Augustine’s Church

Custom House & Docks – Custom House

The Windsors – Windsor Gardens

Empire & Colonialism – Windsor Gardens or Docks

The Garden By The Sea – Alexandra Park

Prominent Penarthians #1 – Alexandra Park

Prominent Penarthians #2 – Alexandra Park

Cogan – Cogan

[Coastgards] – Coastguard Cottages

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