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Friends of
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Penarth’s beach has always been a magnet for locals and visitors. The silt provides abundant feeding grounds for wading birds, there are occasional sightings of seals from the pier and whilst we don’t have a lot of sand there are still lots of families who enjoy a day on the beach during sunny weather.


PCS Beach Wardens regularly monitor the condition of the beach and tidy up the rubbish washed up by the sea. They do this in their own time and meet up at intervals for a social get together.

You may have seen their Christmas tree entries in St Augustine's Christmas exhibition, using litter collected to decorate their tree. The trees try to show people the sort of rubbish that has have picked up over the year.

In particular 2019 was decorated with fishing items which are on the increase and can be very dangerous not only to the safety of our planet but to small children and animals as the  hooks and spiked weights can be hidden in the sand while the fishing lines tangle up the fish in the sea.

Over time they have also picked up the remains of disposable BBQs, sadly not disposed of but left to rust on the beach along with many bottles, cans and food debris. Nowadays litter includes the remains of take away food and drinks from the seafront outlets. The plastic food sachets left attract birds that swallow these with disastrous results. Items of clothing are regular finds and have included outer and underwear. We are still looking for the trouser less man whose pants were left on the north beach! 


They collect individually as this enables people to fit litter picking in with their individual work and social routines. Some of the wardens have dogs and use their walks to collect litter, with gloves and pickers provided by the Council. 

The Wardens also keep an eye on the condition of the cliffs, looking for erosion as we do have the occasional landslip, in the spring they can enjoy watching the peregrines soar above their nest, please take a look at a wonderful film made by Andrew Salter

Current Status of the Beach Wardens

During the recent pandemic the Beach Warden scheme went into abeyance. However, we are now looking to revive it, and attract new members as well.

We are also hoping to team up with the Dawnstalkers, who regularly use Penarth Beach for their activities. Together we'll help keep the beach as clean and safe as we possibly can.

If you would like to get involved then please Contact Us

Current Leader is Mary Davies

The Beach Wardens do have a website*

but this is currently not being used.